The Design Sheppard – Interior Design Expert


Stacey Sheppard is a multi-award-winning blogger and freelance writer specialising in interior design. She has been writing her blog The Design Sheppard since 2009 and in that time, it has been recognised as one of the top 10 interior design blogs in the UK every year since 2012.

Having recently featured on Channel 5s The Gadget Show as an interiors Techspert, Stacey has written for numerous publications from, Warehouse Home Magazine, Devon Home Magazine, World Interiors News, Design Milk and Designer magazine. She has appeared on panels for industry events discussing the latest interior trends.

Stacey has also worked with many brands such as Samsung, John Lewis, Dulux, Nectar, DFS and Magnet Kitchens, helping them to reach her highly engaged and trusting audience who look to Stacey to find out what the latest design trends are, where to buy the best home design items and who the movers and shakers in the industry are.

With a particular interest in Biophilic Design and bringing nature into the built environment, Stacey believes that human centric design is the key to creating a holistic home that not only looks good but that makes us feel good, thereby improving our mental health and wellbeing.